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Project Description

Clrizr is a quick weekend project I made that mimics online color theming sites such as or  It’s main purpose was to initially tryout LESS CSS coding to get a hang for it, and to see what could be done with its features.  LESS CSS allows for the declaration of constants in your CSS files, as well as functions to operate on colors to get information from them. 

The Clrizr code is the code that is based out of the /Styles/Clrizr/ directory.  The application only has 1 page, a test page to show the current site css for various different items (fonts, colors).  Please check the readme.txt file in the project root directory for more information.

Please note that after you grab the source, you may have to unset the read-only flag on the \styles\colors.less file for the Change Primary Color tab to work!

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